Synagogue Services


3816 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Studio City, 91604 


You've been looking for a place of worship that is more than just a place to pray. A home away from home, where Jews come together to learn and to grow, to discuss and to debate, to sing and to rejoice, to celebrate and to say L'chayim. You've been looking for a place that will inspire your family. A place to develop new relationships.  

The Chabad Jewish Center of Studio City is a cozy informal place of worship. Our focus and goal is to provide an environment for Jewish men and woman that is relaxed yet challenging, a place of stability, yet movement and growth, an atmosphere for reflection and joyous expression.

Jewish men and women of all backgrounds feel at home at the new center. The services and programs offer personal attention to the novice, affording an opportunity to grow at your own pace. Whether you like to attend regularly or just pop in once in a while, you'll find the Chabad Center a refreshing experience. There are no membership fees, and all are welcome.

The Chabad Jewish center is a place for you to come and discover the light, the life, the beauty, the warmth and all the joys of our rich heritage. It's a place to study, and a place to learn. It's a place where you can feel comfortable knowing that, as a Jew, you are already part of the family. The Chabad Center not only helps you be Jewish, it helps you be you.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
There is a warm and welcoming Synagogue in your neighborhood where you can pray and sing regardless of your level of observance. Follow along with our Hebrew-English prayer books, and feel the joy and spirituality of Shabbat.